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Fred's Live Journal
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Date:2008-06-14 18:14
Mood: refreshed

The weather is turning.  

The old, dormant frost I have been in for quite some time is finally thawing out and the first signs of new budds and sprouts are beginning to show.   Thanks to those who helped me through this one.  Its not an easy thing to move on from something you thought was lasting and true. 

I suppose the trick to life is to be flexible - be a duck and let it roll right off the back. 

More about the below pic in the coming entries.

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Date:2008-06-13 20:14
Subject:Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle

Vampires or werewolves?
 Both, of course.

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Date:2007-08-07 19:47
Subject:Me and My Bike
Mood: blah

Well I was overdue to spend some time on the new bike this weekend. Took off for a really nice stroll down River Road - a nice rural road running the length of the Sacramento river on the west bank. Beautiful day, nice cool breeze, no other vehicles in my direction - couldn'd be more perfect. Then when I went to turn around, it happened. I found myself in a patch of gravel, she spun out underneath me and I spilled. No real damage - just completely dazed and confused. A trucker stopped and helped me pick my bike up (she is over 550 pounds). So I got back on her, still dazed and not really sure what just happened, rode the 45 minutes back home and pondered life.

They say all motorcyclists have their moment when their bike lays down taking you with it - almost always emotionally and often physically. Relative to bike accidents this was a mere blip that cost nothing but a few chips to my confidence. I tell myself I am allowed to make a stupid mistake and that I picked the perfect time and place for it - no one around and no major injuries. I am completely sore from it still - in a "my body feels like it went through a meat grinder" sorta way - but in the end I know it will all be good.

My lesson this time?

Don't ride my motorcycle in gravel!


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Date:2006-06-29 09:09
Subject:SF Pride - the subject of Love
Mood:Outrageously Happy

Yes, that's right. 

I just love this guy.    

Robert is da bomb! 

That's my thought for the summer.  

Robert and Fred

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Date:2006-05-09 13:17
Subject:The passing of a friend
Mood: depressed

Yesterday was a tough day, much like today. 

Our dog, our friend, of 14 years was put to sleep due to a few health conditions she was facing.    Calypso had stopped eating last week - not even a nibble of her favorite treats and she was on the verge of starvation.   Because she was well beyond her years for a dog her size (90+ pounds), surgery was not an option, nor any of the invasive tests they could have performed.     She wasn't in pain per se but she was incredibly tired.

Holding her while the vet assisted her sleep was the most difficult thing I have had to do.  I wasn't ready to let her go. I wish I could have gone to sleep with her, if only for a little while, to make sure she had company as she passed on.   I hope where she is going that she gets to run as much as possible, chase the wild rabbits and continue to offer that constant love she was so well known for. 

I miss you, Calypso.    Rest in Peace my dear old friend.  

February 14, 1992
May 8, 2006

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Date:2006-05-02 12:59
Subject:Casey Stratton - Working backwards
Mood: hopeful


So, this last week I took a trip down to see my folks.  I surprized them a bit and also was finally able to drop off my christmas presents that I forgot to put in the car during my last trip in January.    From there, Santa Maria, CA, I took a two day trip down south to Burbank, went on a date with an incredible man (more on that in later posts) and took in Disneyland for a day (or a few hours as it were). 

The Bad

Never go to Disneyland by yourself.   My housemate was gonna try and fly down for Friday and meet me at the Happiest Place on Earth but came down with a sinus infection and couldn't fly.  So I decided to still go.     Very depressing, very lonely.    I completely lost my Disney spirit.   I went on one attraction, Haunted Mansion, and decided to call it quits and drive all the way back to Sacramento on a Friday afternoon.   Not even shopping for disney pins got me in the mood.    I guess the lesson here for me is that a place like Disneyland is really meant to be shared, as are laughs, smiles and good times.    Its difficult for me to pull that off by myself these days and I should have known better. 

I suppose the day wasn't a complete loss cuz I was able to add a few cool pins to my collection.   The Stitch pins always remind me of bluedevilsf


The Good

The night before Disneyland, I had this incredible date with Robert.  To start off the evening, he took me to go see Casey Stratton (caseystratton)  at the Hotel Cafe.   It was amazing.   I forgot what it was like to listen to live music.   The set before Casey was performed by Erin McCarley - another amazing performer.   Genuine heartfelt lyrics and quite talented instrumentation from both performers.    Casey is playing in San Francisco tonite at the Hotel Utah but I don't think I can get over there to see him.  I will have to wait for his return on the west coast.   Erin plays a lot in San Diego I think at the Cafe Lestat for all you San Diegoans on LJ.


Besides being with Robert, another plus to the evening was meeting, for the first time live, Dave Cobb, e_ticket, and Stephen, evergreenpie.  Dave had with him a few other friends and Stephen joined in just before the start of Casey's set.    Such a fun bunch of people - no surprize really if you have their journals up for regular reads.   

After the concert, Robert and I drove around a bit in Hollywood for a quick tour and then grabbed some grub at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, close to my hotel.   It was one of those dates that you didn't want to end.   Dang.  

So that was my last week in April of 2006 - all in all, a great way to begin May and the rest of the summer.  

(forgive the misspellings - I haven't had time to fully configure Semagic yet.)

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Date:2006-05-02 10:53
Subject:Waking up
Mood: sleepy

It's been quite awhile since posting to Live Journal.  Almost a year has passed since my trip to Australia.  It seems that a lot has happened, or maybe very little.  I can never figure that one out.  One step forward two steps back kinda thing 

Still, it's 2006 and there seems to be stuff to write about, to remember, to comment . . .   I've been in a deep sleep again and I guess I'm just waking up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.     There are things in this world that are making me see clearly and other things that dim the view.   I'm having more of those WTF mooments and I find that fascinating.  

So, back in the saddle . . . here I go. 

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Date:2005-10-07 09:39
Subject:Who needs a Ouija board? I have an iPod
Mood: amused

From bluedevil and bigreddee

I kept it completely random regardless of the same artist popping up.

I mean fate is fate, right?

1. Opening Credits: Dheanainn Sugradhish - Clannad
2. Waking Up Scene: Witch is Witch - Gloo Girls
3. Car Driving Scene: Remembering Petticoat Lane - John Williams, Jurassic Park Soundtrack
4. High School Flashback Scene: Anthem - Paul Halley, Hearts of Space
5. Nostalgic Scene: Mission Impossible Theme - Lalo Schifrin and John E. Davis
6. Bitter, Angry Scene: A Ship without a Sail - Ella Fitzgerald
7. Break-up Scene: Wrapped - Gloria Estefan
8. Regret Scene: O, Little Town of Bethlehem - Nat King Cole
9. Drug/Party/Bar Scene: Enter the Dragon - Euro Boys
10. Sad, breakdown scene: Henehene Kou 'Aka - Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole
11. Funeral Scene: Jitterboogie - Michael Hedges, Best of
12. Mellow Scene: On the Western Skyline - Bruce Hornsby and the Range
13. Dreaming About Someone Scene: Ewok Celebration - John Williams from Star Wars, Episode VI
14. Sex Scene: Theme from Inner Light - Jay Chattaway, from Star Trek the Next Generation
15. Contemplation Scene: The Calling - Gabrielle Roth
16. Happy Love Scene: My Romance - Ella Fitzgerald
17. Friend Scene: Per Amore - Andrea Boccelli
18. Closing Credits: Castle on a Cloud - Les Miserables Soundtrack

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Date:2005-08-10 08:39
Mood: curious

Thanks to quietkub for sharing this one. It usually takes me a few memes to get into the LJ swing of things.

Popular interests among fredwolf007's friends
1. bears (28) 11. computers (9)
2. movies (19) 12. bikers (9)
3. beards (15) 13. photography (8)
4. cubs (14) 14. gay (8)
5. tattoos (11) 15. cooking (8)
6. gay bears (11) 16. roller coasters (7)
7. buffy (10) 17. comics (7)
8. music (10) 18. dvds (7)
9. books (9) 19. cuddling (7)
10. reading (9) 20. science fiction (7)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is tallbearnc who has 16 of these interests,
followed by bigreddee (13), bigsabu (11) and handlebear (11).
Normality Index
My friends are 87.57% normal.
Analyze me !
Popular interests created by _imran_

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Date:2005-08-08 08:29
Mood: tired

Just what I needed to get back into the swing of things . . . must update my journal before the week's out.

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

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Date:2005-06-09 08:57
Subject:Find Me
Mood: tired


Both use2bshy and quuf are just evil.

Like I need more things to distract me throughout the day. Thanks guys. Grrrrrrr.

(I love map programs.)

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Date:2005-05-31 09:52
Subject:The Land Down Under - Crisp, Sunny Morning
Mood: sad

My last morning in Sydney could not have been more beautiful. Sunny with light breezes - really the perfect day to remember Sydney by. Michael's friends Jeff and Bruce graciously offered to drive me to the airport and as luck would have it, all my luggage fit into their vehicle.

Before the airport though, we went to Bronte - by the beach - for a bit of breaky.

the drive overCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-31 01:06
Subject:The Land Down Under - Final Days
Mood: melancholy

On my full day in Sydney, I went back to the place that was the most familiar and the most memorable. It also happens to be the most touristy but hey, I was a tourist there so I figured that was okay. Once at Circular Quay, I was in constant view of a city built around an incredible bay, making sure that everyone, tourists and residents alike, are comfortable exisiting in this city. Australia's culture, of what I know of it so far, really shines here at the Quay if you have ever visited this city, you will know why is so photogenically addicting.

The Center of AttentionCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-31 00:17
Subject:The Land Down Under - Mrs. Macquaire's Chair
Mood: chipper

On one of my final days here in the great city of Sydney, my friend Brad took me to the photo spot to end all and be all photo spots. Its at the end of the botanical gardens and sits on a point between the naval base at Woolloomooloo and Circular Quay. Its the perfect spot for my favorite Sydney icons. I promised a few I would not post ALL my photos here - just enough to get folks into the Sydney spirit.

Photo Shoot with BradleyCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-30 19:24
Subject:The Land Down Under - Out and About Town
Mood: excited

While last week was all about getting to see the main sites of Sydney, this week was about seeing the city through a true Sydney-Sider (a local yocal). My new and dear friend, Paul, rose to the challenge of walking me all over the city to see the sights through his eyes. What I got was an incredible two days of architecture, local cuisine, walks along the seashore and, yes, more pics of the opera house :-)

Walkies with PaulCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-27 08:51
Subject:The Land Down Under - Ahoy, Mate!
Mood: blah

Day 6 was all about the open seas. Michael and I decided to sail the James Craig. This incredible ship, technically a barque, was originally set to sea in 1874. And through a series of revivals, she ended up in Sydney's harbour sailing every other weekend to the open seas - giving passengers a feel for what it must have been like to sail in ye olde days.

More about our voyageCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-17 17:16
Subject:The Land Down Under - Catching up on Day 5
Mood: cold

Well the time got away from me here once the weekend hit - hence the time away from the 'puter. First off, after my so-so sushi encounter, I was able to discover the fine cuisine of Yum Cha. For those in the states, Yum Cha is equivalent to Dim Sum. The quality of Yum Cha made up for the sushi experience in spades. It defintely put the YUM in Yum Cha.

Note - my apologies for earlier posts where I did not optimize the photos. They now load much faster. Cheers.

More catching upCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-12 16:19
Subject:The Land Down Under - My Kingdom for Unagi

So last night my friends took me out on the town for sushi and a wonderful performance of Tap Dogs.

Question - How is it possible that a country surrounded entirely by water and has 90% of its population on the coast lines cannot manage to have decent sushi? I mean, its clear to me that here in Sydney there is a very significant Asian influence that dominates the food marketplace here. Yet, despite all influences, sushi really is mediocre here. And supposedly, I was taken to the top sushi restaurant in all of Sydney. Very perplexed here. Now other cuisines are top notch and I've had nothing but excellent food experiences whilst in Sydney (sans sushi). Oh well.

Tonight's performance of Tap Dogs though was incredible. It was kind of a mix between Stomp and Riverdance, if you can imagine. Very urban, very talented mixed in with a hint of Cirque Du Soliel when it came to lighting, music and special effects. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in experiencing a twist of an old classic dance culture.

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Date:2005-05-11 22:14
Subject:The Land Down Under - Day 4 - A Manly Day!
Mood: exhausted

So today I decided to lay low (i.e. not walk my feet to the bones) and take a leisure ferry ride over to Manly. Manly is a harbour town that is close to the Sydney Harbour Heads that is the portal to the open ocean. Half of Manly faces Sydney Harbour and the other half faces the Tasman Sea. It is akin to a seaside resort with lotsa shops, eateries and beach going events.

I managed to find a great shop selling diggies (digerundoo SP?) and boomerangs. So I will be coming back to Manly next week before my trip back home.

A few pics to capture the momentCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-10 23:45
Subject:The Land Down Under - Colloquialisms

Today I had my first clue that I was fitting in here in Australia. Some folks on my harbour cruise this morning asked why I was in Sydney and I told them I was on holiday. Without even thinking I used the word "holiday". It took several seconds for me to realize what I had done and it made me proud. Its the simple things in life ya know.

Also, they have a cool saying that is equivalent to our "no problem". Most folks here respond "no worries" which has a nice way of rolling off the tongue. I'm sure soon I will pick up an accent :-)

So today was all about the waterCollapse )

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